define ‘casual’

How do we tell our stories in a way that reflects the culture we want to work in? How do we learn new skills and bring them back into the work we do.

It started with conversations with colleagues and friends, managers and mentees. I found myself hearing, “I’ve just finished this data science course, and now I want to bring those skills into my job so that I can move into the next chapter of my career.” And: “I’m starting to understand these tools of design thinking, but I work with [insert one of] a team, an organization or a boss that isn’t open to change, or isn’t familiar.

How do you help a new student become the teacher.

“New Business Casual” is more than the graphic T-shirt under a blazer. It is when our best selves show up to do something that takes up so much of our time: work.

Over the past two years, Meg Young has been weaving Business Meets Casual into her design thinking-based brand class at General Assembly DC (“Building Your Personal Brand,” and her Design Thinking workshops) to help humans with telling their “story” in and develop as leaders in their workplaces. Meg also uses her #NewBusinessCasual platform in leading workshops on successful templates for team formation and creating safe and creative environments for stronger collaboration.

About Meg

Meg Young is a humanity-centered designer creating a new future for caregiving, wellness and workplace environments. Currently Meg is a product strategist, manager and teacher in DC. She leads product development and new market strategy in Life Transitions and Social Isolation at AARP Services, Inc. where she brings tech-enabled solutions to the Caregiving marketplace. Meg teaches brand, product and design thinking classes at General Assembly.

Prior to AARP, Meg led, learned from and grew with product teams at Deloitte Digital, Medullan, CEB (now Gartner) and Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2018, Meg founded New Business Casual, a platform focused on amplifying the stories and human-centered solutions that create healthier and more sustainable work environments for all. 

In the meantime, catch Meg on Medium.